Famous Twin Prostitutes Tour

Dam Square, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1)
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Meet The Fokkens Tour Amsterdam
Holland's Most Famous Prostitutes Tour
Fokkens Twins Red Light District Tour
Amsterdam Red Light District Fokkens Tour
Fokkens Twins Tour Amsterdam
Meet the Fokkens Amsterdam Red Light District
Amsterdam twin prostitutes tour


Explore The Red Light District in Amsterdam

Join The Famous Twin Prostitutes Tour

Join this super fun and interesting Famous Twins Prostitutes Tour and meet Holland’s best known prostitutes in Amsterdam. Most Dutch know them as the “The Old Hookers” (or in Dutch: De Ouwe Hoeren). This is how the twins named themselves. Their real names are Martine & Louise Fokkens. These Dutch twin prostitutes are now 77 years old & have worked in Red Light District for 50 years! They started here in the 1960’s. Louise first and Martine followed two years later.

They’ve retired some years ago and would love to share their fascinating stories with you. During this tour, we’ll walk through the Red Light District, see where they have worked and explore all the best places in “De Wallen” together with world’s most famous twin prostitutes. Take a picture with them and ask them anything you like.

Fokkens Twins Amsterdam:

Famous Twin Prostitutes Tour

The Fokkens started off their careers in 1966, in their early twenties. They say that say that they enjoyed most of their working life in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. Through their work they met a lot of interesting and friendly men from all over the world. In The Netherlands these ladies are very famous because it’s quite unique that these identical twins have worked in prostitution for so long.

Meet the Fokkens Documentary

The Fokkens Twins even got their own documentary called Ouwehoeren (meaning: “Old Whores or Old Hookers”). The documentary tells their story and experiences. International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) described the documentary as follows:

The twins tell amusing tales on how they came to be in this line of work, how they eventually went into business for themselves, and how relationships in the world of prostitution have changed over the years. Their stories are full of spicy details about their clientele, some of whom come from unexpected walks of life.”

What’s included

  • World’s First Condom Shop
  • Prostitutes
  • Window brothels with red & blue lights
  • Dutch culture & history
  • Explanation about local laws & safety measures
  • Latin-American corner with prostitutes
  • Street Art
  • Typical (old) Dutch houses
  • Narrow alleys with window brothels
  • Last Peep Show of Amsterdam
  • Chinatown
  • Cannabis Shops (aka Coffeeshops)
  • Amsterdam architecture like The Waag
  • Oldest building of Amsterdam: The Old Church




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