Sex Dating In The Netherlands: 5 Sites For No Stings Attached Hook Ups

Maybe you’ve never heard of it, maybe you have. In Amsterdam and in the rest of the country it is possible to do sex dating. Sex dating via apps or websites. Apparently there are many women and men who consider sex as the goal of the date. They make it more or less clear in advance that they are not looking for a relationship or many complicated dates.


A date in Amsterdam.

Since there are websites for everything. Even websites for sex dating. But how does this work? Can you really sign up and arrange a sex date without ANY strings attached? Yes, you can!

It’s actually quite easy! You just visit one of the dating websites below, create a profile, make contact with other members and hook up if there is a match.

5 Benefits Of Sex Dating Via A Website Or App

  • Accessible
  • No strings attached
  • Expectations are clear
  • It saves time
  • It’s exciting
amsterdam street
Enjoying life in Amsterdam.

If you want to do sex dating in Amsterdam, there are about 5 sex date websites that specialise in this.

5x Sex Dating Apps & Websites

Here’s our full edit of sex dating platforms in the Netherlands to assist you find the ideal adventurous buddy who is also looking for an exciting date. Whether you are looking for a one-night stand in Amsterdam or a regular erotic hookup elsewhere in Holland, there’s a website for everyone.

1 | MySecretDate

sex date site
This sex dating site has thousands of male and female profiles.
How does MySecretDate work?

Mysecretdate is entirely focused on sex dating in the Netherlands. Most dates can be found in the major Dutch cities like Amsterdam.

When visiting this dating site some questions are asked for registration. Would you like to register as a female, male or as a couple? Then they would like to know what you are looking for; a woman, man or a couple. After that you can register easily and for free.

online dating amsterdam
Some members of this dating site.
Why is MySecretDate one of the best sex dating sites?

It has a huge database of people who specifically want to hookup for a sex date without strings attached. Also, the website functions smooth and contacting others is super easy. Both on the desktop and on mobile devices. MySecretDate also guarantees discretion.


2 | Parship

dating holland
How does Parship work?

When you have a premium membership, you also get a free profile check and an extensive PDF file with the analysis of your partnership personality. However, you can also get this for a fee if you are a free basic member. The cost of an analysis of your partnership personality costs 129 Euro for basic members. A profile check is also possible. The costs are 49, – Euro (prices incl. VAT). To purchase these services, you must contact customer service.

couple in love
Why Is Parship One Of The Best Sex Dating Sites?

Parship is one of the largest and most used online dating sites in Europe. Although Parship is not necessarily a sex dating website, it does offer those possibilities. Parship is one of the best dating platforms because it offers a personality report and ‘contact guarantee’. It is also possible to search for potential dates in your area. You can also view released photos of others. Furthermore, Parship states: Safety and security are paramount.


3 | Second Love

second love
How does Second Love work?

Founded in 2008, this dating site specifically focuses on people who find their relationship boring and are looking for adventure and excitement.

Second Love works no differently than other dating sites: you create a profile, you search on this sex dating site for people who are available, you make contact and if there’s a match, a date follows. Only on this dating site most people are not single.

Finding a partner goes the old-fashioned way: no exciting algorithms or personality test, just look at the profiles of other members until you find a nice man or woman.

By the way, don’t expect to find very exotic photos. The clothes are supposed to stay on. That keeps it classy and exciting. A summer photo is allowed though.

Why Is Second Love One of the Best Sex Dating Sites?

It’s free for women, the navigation is very simple, fast registration procedure and discreet page titles and email senders.


4 | Lexa

amsterdam sex
How does Lexa work?

A somewhat different option than you might be used to encounter in this list. After all, Lexa isn’t known for being a sex date site.

On the contrary, anything and everyone can go to Lexa, which makes it part of a general dating site. Still, if you haven’t had any success on the sites above, you can also give Lexa a try.

Just like with an app like Badoo, with Lexa you also have to be careful that you know how to find the right people. Not everyone on this website is looking for a sex date, and would rather hookup for a regular date.

Furthermore, the age category on Lexa is often a bit lower (around the age of 30). Perhaps it’s smart to include in your choice if you are looking for someone of the same age category.

You can register for free via and download the app.


5 | C-Date

Amsterdam sex dating site
How Does C-Date work?

Obviously you don’t have to choose a dedicated sex dating site if you want to arrange a sex date. You can also try Tinder or Happn, but an even better option is C-date! It just works a bit differently, where you have to do your best to schedule a sex date. When going to this dating site, an operator will ask you a few questions to help you get the best match.

Why Is C-Date One Of The Best Sex Dating Sites?

C-Date is the dating platform for people who’re looking for an adventure, an open relationship or a sex date. C-Date is active in 12 countries.

C-Date combines style with eroticism and offers exciting variety for everyone. C-Date focuses on people of the age of 25 years and older. Men and women, straight or homosexual. C-Date appeals to a very broad group; It does not matter whether you are single, in a relationship or married, it is even possible to register here as a couple.


6 Reasons To Use Sex Dating Sites & Apps

women legs
  1. You’re travelling and have little time.
  2. You don’t want a relationship yet.
  3. You find it too much trouble to meet someone in a bar or club.
  4. You are curious about a sex date experience.
  5. You want a threesome (with your partner).
  6. You want to gain more sexual experience.

Whatever the reason might be, you can try sex dating for all the sexual adventures you want to experience. Moreover, you can do it once, you determine your own limits. You are not bound by opening hours. The dating sites are available 24/7 so you can fulfill your needs at any time of the day.

couple in amsterdam
Kissing on a bridge in Amsterdam.

Probably the most cited reason for arranging a sex date online is convenience. You don’t have to pay expensive drinks every weekend without results. From the comfort of your own home, you can effortlessly scroll through sex dating sites to share a bed with your date the same night. Maybe it’s not possible to get this done the same day, but the possibility is there. Just try!


The fact is, with just a few clicks, you are connected with other adults who have the same needs as you do. Do you find it difficult to get in touch with someone in real life? That is now a thing of the past due to these useful sex dating sites.



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